The EECS Communication Lab hits a milestone

Recently the EECS Communication Lab hit a notable milestone: the center hosted its 2000th appointment. To put the incredible contributions of the Communication Lab in perspective, here are some notable numbers and facts about the service:

  • Since the launch of the Lab in 2015, it has hosted over 2000 appointments with over 950 unique users.
  • 30% of all appointments have been for grad school or fellowship applications
  • 66% of all appointments have been made by grad students (PhD and MEng)
  • 38% of all Comm Lab users made at least 2 appointments
  • ​There have been 31 EECS Communication Advisors/Fellows
  • The lab has adapted/created/co-created ~38 CommKit articles or guides for specific types of technical communication
  • The lab has also hosted around 20 unique workshops and events (many of which have been run numerous times and continue as annual events)
  • The lab’s website, where students can go to make an appointment, use the CommKit resources, and find guidance on all sorts of communications issues, has been viewed over 94,000 times

Featuring trained graduate student and postdoc Communication Fellows, the EECS Communication lab offers individual coaching, targeted workshops, and a range of initiatives to support EECS community members as they learn key transferable communication skills. The Lab’s services are open to anyone affiliated with the Department of EECS, and applies to any engineering work involving communication: posters, journal articles, resumes, fellowship applications, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Communication Lab can help you reach your career goals, reach out to make an appointment today.

Media Inquiries

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Please note: The EECS Communications Office only handles media inquiries related to MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Please visit other school, department, laboratory, or center websites to locate their dedicated media-relations teams.