Student Hourly Employment

    This page is intended to help both students who want to work as hourly employees for EECS and their supervisors.

    Supervisors: Be sure that your student hourly employees are entering their hours online accurately by no later than 9 a.m on Mondays (or by 9 a.m on Tuesday if Monday is a MIT holiday). Lab Assistants and Graders are limited to 10 hours per week.

    Hourly Student Employees: Please read the following and then ask questions!

    Lab Assistants and Graders are limited to 10 hours per week. 

    Pay rates for EECS standard hourly jobs: Course/Lab Assistant, HKN Tutor, Grader, Other Helper:

    EECS standard hourly rates

    Course/Lab Assistant$20.00
    HKN Tutor$17.00
    Other$15.50 (Effective September 5, 2023)

    EECS Instructors: if your EECS course uses LAs or Graders, please hire them using the Eduportal System. Please go to–la-graders. Please check with EOs if you have any question.

    In order to be hired as any other EECS Hourly student Employee, please fill out EECS student employment form and email it to

    Please note that you must be a registered student at MIT and completed an I-9 form with the  Atlas Service Center, before you can start any hourly position. You will be entered into the MIT student payroll system (provided that you are a registered student and have completed your I-9).

    To enter your weekly timesheet, please go to Atlas, click on “Time and Vacation Entry” in the menu. For additional instructions, see online SAP/HR-Payroll Time Entry Quick Reference.

    Do not exit your timesheet by clicking the “x” to close your window. Instead, click on the “home” link in the upper right. Otherwise, your timesheet will be locked for half-hour before it can be approved!

    UROP: Submit a UROP application online at When it is approved, UROP payroll coordinator will receive a notification and payroll will be processed accordingly.

    International students should visit to understand all visa limitations.

    Employment Verification: If you are an hourly student employee in need of employment verification, please use the CCC Verify tools provided by MIT.

    last update: January 3, 2023