Doctoral Thesis: Digital and Microwave Superconducting Electronics and Experimental Apparatus

Thursday, January 6
10:00 am

Jackson Room, 38-466

Brenden A. Butters

Superconducting memories have been a persistent issue in the field of superconducting computing. A novel memory design based on superconducting nanowires controlled by localized thermal effects is presented. Along with this work, there is a need for a set of nanowire microwave elements for testing superconducting devices; such a set will be presented here. With the device modeling from the memory work, we implement tunability in the microwave devices utilizing kinetic inductance. To be able to test these devices at cryogenic temperatures, a new style of cryogenic probing system will be presented along with support circuitry for the improved operation of existing systems.


  • Date: Thursday, January 6
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Category:
  • Location: Jackson Room, 38-466
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