Table example

    Block for tables is called the “EECS Table” and is made up of Heading and Body component parts. The first section sets the table “Headings”, the top of each column. Each “Cell” within the Headings section creates a Column for the table below.

    Then the Body section is used to populate the Columns created up above. Each “Row” within the Body section corresponds to a row on the table, where each cell runs across, left to right. Body cells include options for text or just a graphic checkbox.

    Table main title Column 2 heading
    (Optional heading)
    Column 3 heading Column 4 heading
    (Another heading)
    Column 5 heading
    Cell 1, row 1 Column 5 text (row 2)
    Cell 1, row 2 Cell 2, row 2 Cell 3, row 2 Cell 4, row 2* Cell 5, row 2
    Third body row Bottom-right cell text

    *Optional footnote added below (* character added in the text of the cell above).