Non-6 AAGS


MEng students in EECS are allowed to have one out-of-department AAGS. To take an out-of-department AAGS, students must submit a petition (via their Department audit). As part of that process, they should explain how the out-of-department subject complements their MEng program.

There used to be a list of approved Non-6 AAGSes. What happened? Can I still petition for one of those subjects?

The list of non-6 AAGSes was generated many years ago when MIT removed the "grad-H" option for subjects. Over the years, this list became unwieldy, and impossible to keep up to date. Many departments have added new graduate subjects that were never added to the list, other subjects have been canceled or substantially revised, etc. Now, we welcome petitions for any graduate subject outside of Course 6, with the intent that this subject should complement your MEng program in some way.