Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)

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September 21, 2023

Team including MIT electrical engineer James Fujimoto wins Lasker Award

Professor James Fujimoto and two additional MIT affiliates honored for influential work on optical coherence tomography, which allows rapid detection of retinal disease, among other applications.

Doctoral Thesis: Vacuum Transistors Based on III-Nitrides Self-Aligned-Gate Field Emitter Arrays

Pao-Chuan Shih Abstract:       Vacuum electronics are promising future high-frequency and harsh-environment devices because of their scattering-free and radiation-robust vacuum channels. Field-emission vacuum transistors based on silicon and metals

May 2, 2023

MIT engineers “grow” atomically thin transistors on top of computer chips

A new low-temperature growth and fabrication technology allows the integration of 2D materials directly onto a silicon circuit, which could lead to denser and more powerful chips.

Doctoral Thesis: Superconducting nanowire technology for microwave and photonics applications

Marco Colangelo Thesis Committee: Karl K. Berggren (Thesis Supervisor), Dirk R. Englund (Committee member), Daniel F. Santavicca (UNF, Committee member)

Doctoral Thesis: Localization and Structure Learning in Reverberant Environments

Toros Arikan Abstract:  Passive localization and tracking of a mobile emitter, and the joint learning of its reverberant 3D environment, is an important yet challenging task in a

Doctoral Thesis: Artificial Intelligence-Aided Synthesis and Characterization of 2D Materials

Ang-Yu Lu Abstract: Semiconductor chips serve as the fundamental building blocks of modern electronics and form the core of artificial intelligence systems. However, as the technology node approaches

Doctoral Thesis: A Robust and Efficient Framework for Slice-to-Volume Reconstruction: Application to Fetal MRI

Junshen Xu Abstract:  Volumetric reconstruction in presence of motion is a challenging problem in medical imaging. When imaging moving targets, many modalities are limited to fast 2D imaging

Doctoral Thesis: Graphene-based Biochemical Sensing Array: Materials, System Design and Data Processing

Mantian Xue Thesis abstract: Graphene and other two-dimensional materials have garnered significant attention as potential biochemical and chemical sensors due to their unique physical and electrical properties. However,