Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)

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Doctoral Thesis: Graphene-based Biochemical Sensing Array: Materials, System Design and Data Processing

Mantian Xue Thesis abstract: Graphene and other two-dimensional materials have garnered significant attention as potential biochemical and chemical sensors due to their unique physical and electrical properties. However,

Doctoral Thesis: The Generation and Detection of Squeezed Microwave Photons Realized using Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers

Jack Y. Qiu Abstract: Squeezing the electromagnetic vacuum is an essential metrological technique that is used to reduce quantum noise in applications spanning gravitational wave detection, biological microscopy

Doctoral Thesis: Current-Induced Dynamics of Easy-Plane Antiferromagnets

Pengxiang Zhang Abstract:  Antiferromagnetic memory devices are expected to be very fast, stable, dense and energy-efficient, making them promising for the next generation non-volatile random-access memory. However, in

Doctoral Thesis: Bearingless Slice Motor and 6-DoF Position Sensor for Extracorporeal Pump

Krishan Kant Abstract: Bearingless slice motors perform the function of a conventional motor with a suspended rotor, and therefore require no bearings or other mechanical support. Such combined motor

November 3, 2022

Louis Braida, hearing aid innovator and mentor, dies at 79

Louis Braida, the Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor (Emeritus) in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), died Sept. 2nd. He was 79. Braida was a

Doctoral Thesis: Microscale Energy Transport in Lead Halide Perovskites

Roberto Brenes Abstract: Energy transport is of paramount importance for the operation and design of semiconductor devices. Lead halide perovskites, an emerging semiconductor for optoelectronic applications, exhibits significant

Doctoral Thesis: Inverse Design of Random Emitters in Nanophotonics

Wenjie Yao Abstract: Incoherent light from random emitters, such as thermal radiation, are very common in nature. However, modeling such random emitters may be challenging, as it naively

Doctoral Thesis: Techniques for Deployed Quantum Networks with Solid-State Defect Centers

Eric A. Bersin Abstract: The past decade has seen tremendous progress towards the development of quantum networks, wherein quantum states are transmitted over long distances for applications in

Doctoral Thesis: Power Electronics Meet Piezoelectrics: Converters, Components, and Miniaturization

Jessica Boles Abstract:As converters and controllers of electrical energy, power electronics are the lifeblood of many exciting emerging technologies in transportation, energy systems, manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, and

June 23, 2022

Collin Stultz named co-director and MIT lead of the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology

MIT professor will leverage his research into machine learning and computer science, as well as his role as a practicing cardiologist, toward educating clinician-scientists and engineers.