Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)

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Doctoral Thesis: Techniques for Reducing Beam-Induced Damage in Electron Microscopy

Navid Abedzadeh Abstract: Imaging biomolecules in their natural state at an atomic scale resolution is crucial to the understanding of such molecules. Under the banner of Quantum Electron

Doctoral Thesis: On-Chip Planar Lens Architectures for Optical Beam Steering

Josue J. Lopez Abstract: Free-space optical beam steering is an important technological capability because of its applications in optical communication links and sensing such as light detection and

Doctoral Thesis: Resonant Spatial Light Modulation: Optical Programming and Sensing at the Fundamental Limit

Chris Panuski Abstract: Why can’t we make Star Wars’ Princess Leia hologram? Despite similar requirements for applications ranging from brain imaging to quantum control, the fast, efficient, and

Doctoral Thesis: Nano Vacuum Channel Devices for Electronics and Ultrafast Nanophotonics

Marco Turchetti Abstract: Recent years have seen a surge of interest in nano vacuum channel (NVC) devices due to their low power requirements, radiation hardness, integrability, and ultrafast

Doctoral Thesis: Strategies for High-Performance Solid-State Photon Upconversion

Ting-An Lin Abstract: Photon upconversion, a process that combines two low-energy photons into one higher energy photon, has promising applications such as photovoltaics, bio-imaging, and photo-chemistry. Among the

Doctoral Thesis: Tackling Key Challenges to Guide Clinical Decisions in Cardiovascular Diseases

Wangzhi Dai Abstract:Machine learning models in healthcare have been widely used in a number of contexts ranging from clinical risk stratification to image-guided diagnosis and prognostication. Nevertheless, key

Doctoral Thesis: Devices and Algorithms for Analog Deep Learning

Murat Onen Abstract: Efforts to realize analog processors have skyrocketed over the last decade as having energy-efficient deep learning accelerators became imperative for the future of information processing.

March 8, 2022

School of Engineering welcomes new faculty

Sixteen new professors join the MIT community, with research areas ranging from robotics and machine learning to health care and agriculture.

This image shows the CMOS THz-ID chip. The chip is a collaboration between Profs. Ruonan Han and Anantha P. Chandrakasan.
January 19, 2022

Reasserting U.S. leadership in microelectronics

MIT researchers lay out a strategy for how universities can help the U.S. regain its place as a semiconductor superpower.