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  • Grier Rooms, 34-401 A and B - are for MIT use with preference given to EECS faculty and principal investigators for events of high relevance and importance to members of the EECS community. Weekend usage of the Grier Rooms is limited to use only by the EECS Department.
  • Jackson Room (38-466) for Department use only
  • EECS Headquarters Conference Rooms (38-413 and 38-477) are for EECS Department Headquarters usage only. Use of either EECS headquarters conf. rooms (38-477 and 413) is limited to just DH meetings, EECS Staff related meetings, EECS related meetings (RQE, thesis committee, etc.), occasional research meeting. Not for recurring research meetings.  Hours of use: 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Are you using a caterer or the MIT facilities movers?  You are responsible for signing out a key (at 38-409G) and being at the Grier Room to give the caterer and/or mover access.  PLEASE NOTE: This is not the responsibility of the EECS headquarters personnel.

If you are using the polycom (VOIP) please select under Event Type: 'Meeting requiring polycom' so a particular number (phone) can be assigned. The polycoms are the responsibility of the admin in charge of the event.  Return in box before end of day (5pm).
Trouble using the EECS Rooms Calendar?  Due to incompatibility issues with Firefox Version 4 (or above), please use an alternate browser until this issue is resolved or, alternatively check with Myron Freeman (

Approval of all submitted event requests is required: Room reservation requests will be approved in order of submission via the Submit Event form (upper right). Email notice of approval (or denial) will be sent upon review by an EECS headquarters administrator. Note: student groups must have an EECS faculty member or staff supervisor present at the event.

Reservations may be made no more than 12 months (365 days) in advance.

You are responsible for cancellation of your reservation in the EECS Rooms Calendar system. Please promptly remove any reservation that you know is cancelled so that other users have access. You may access this function by clicking on the icon on the day of the reservation in question and merely click on delete and confirm.

Special Room Setups: If you need a special room setup, you must select a Custom room configuration in the online form and contact the MIT Facilities/Grounds Dept.--no less than 10 days in advance. Call: 617 253-5001; fax: 617 258-7490; email:  PLEASE NOTE: As of Dec. 9, 2013, you must request moving/setup services using Atlas.

It is your responsibility to contact them, make an SAP requisition and send them a hard copy of this plus a room layout with clear instructions. Print out the blank diagram from this calendar and clearly indicate your layout.  A copy of this diagram and the requisition should be sent to the MIT Dept. of Facilities, Grounds 10 days ahead of your event—allowing for both setup and reset. Please send a copy to EECS Headquarters (attn: Kathy Sullivan, EECS, Room 38-409H).

Special or extra equipment/furniture: If you need additional chairs or tables, booths or other setup materials, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate providers/vendors to handle this arrangement. It is also your responsibility to have any/all such equipment/furnishings properly dropped off and picked up in a timely fashion that does not overlap with any other events scheduled either before or after your event. Scheduling this pickup and meeting with the delivery or pickup personnel is your responsibility.

AV: There are overhead lcd projectors in the Grier or Jackson rooms. Problems? DO NOT TOUCH the LCD Overhead projector.  Check with EECS Headquarters for assistance. Motorized ceiling-mounted screens are available in each of these rooms, including two screens in Grier A. Wireless networking is available on a limited basis. You are responsible for all other audio visual equipment including extension cords.

Use of VOIP polycom phone: For EECS faculty and staff members only. Please specify in the event type (event requiring VOIP polycom)and in the fill in description put the phone number of the polycom you will use). Contact:

Clean-up: Complete clean-up is a requirement for any/all users. If the rules are not followed, future use will be jeopardized.

  • Any/all trash must be bagged (double-bagged if wet), bags tied securely and left in the foyer outside either Grier room (also true for Jackson ). A large (beige-colored) receptacle is placed outside each Grier to provide a secure holding place for wet or odoriferous trash. Please USE IT!
  • If your event is on a Friday or over the weekend, you MUST submit an SAP requisition for trash removal.
  • If the carpet becomes soiled enough to require cleaning, you must provide an account to cover the cost.
  • All table surfaces must be cleaned off—using wet paper towel/cleaner.
  • Lost and found items should be taken care of by the administrator of the group using the room—with full responsibility for tracking down the owner.

Keys: Keys for the Grier rooms and the Jackson room are available through the EECS Headquarters, 38-409H. You will be required to sign in for use of the key, leaving your contact information including email address. Failure to return any one of these keys will result in forfeiture of future use of any of the EECS rooms. EECS Rooms calendar

EECS rooms calendar - for EECS, MIT users only
The EECS Rooms Calendar is for MIT users (with certificates).  Please note that the rooms calendar system is not compatible with Firefox 4 or higher.  Use another browser or if you feel brave do the following adjustment to your computer:  In the Firefox location bar, enter about:config and press return.  You will get a warning about voiding the warranty (nerd humor :-). Leave the "Show this warning next time" box checked and click the "I'll be careful, I promise" button. You'll get a window with ALL of the configuration options for Firefox.  In the filter box, type in "security.ssl.renego_unrestricted_hosts" in order to see that entry.  Double click that and in the drop down sheet enter in and click OK.  At this point you can go to the EECS Room Reservation website and make your reservation.