PHOTO 4 - Alumni feedback


PHOTO 4 - Remember this?


Alumni submissions:

Ken Nill,
SBEE 1961, SMEE 1963, PhD 1966
shared on 06/17/13

Professor David White on the left, our beloved Professor, President and Chairman Paul Gray (probably contemplating the dynamic behavior of a thermoelectric device in that hood) and Professor David Adler on the right. This has to be around 1959 on the first floor of Building 10.

Jose M Borrego  
MS, 1957, ScD 1961

Standing on the left: Prof. D.C.White, Head Energy Conversion Lab ( later on he beacme my PhD Thesis advisor). To his right John Blair who was growing HgCdTe in a disposable furnace (because used to explode many times). On the right, crew cut hair, Paul Gray who became MIT president. Next to him, Prof. Richard Adler. I do not recognize the person kneeling down. The picture must have been taken around 1957-1958. The MIT Energy Conversion lab was in the first floor of Building 10 and Gordon Brown was head of the EE Dept.