DEECS Robot Lab


DEECS robot lab

Your team of three students will build a Lego-based robot, developing both the hardware and software for it. We will give you LEGOs, a controller-board, and the instructions and support necessary to design and build your team’s robot. When you are done, the robot will be able to navigate its way around a maze. The DEECS robots will be totally autonomous, requiring no human intervention; the robots will rely on basic artificial intelligence that you will develop and implement during the week. The project culminates in a final demonstration of all the robots, along with fun awards for most original design, best-decorated robot, etc.



DEECS lab - many hands make a robot

We have found that students can learn everything they need to know by working with each other, being introduced to some of the basic concepts involved, and receiving interactive help and support. There is no experience necessary; we are looking for interested novices!