The EECS Department supports resources for use by its population of faculty, students and staff and by the wider MIT community. 

EECS Communication Lab
Staffed by the EECS Communication Advisors, the EECS Communication Lab offers writing and speaking support for scientists by scientists.
EECS Instructional Laboratories
Department Teaching Lab Schedule
EECS Rooms Calendar
Please read the EECS Rooms Calendar Rules of Use. Grier Rooms are open to MIT users but all other rooms on the calendar are solely restricted to EECS.
EECS Headquarters, 38-401
Contact information for the EECS Headquarters.
EECS Instructional Laboratories
EECS Instructional Laboratories - Fifith Floor
EECS Logos
Usage of EECS identity products is limited to active members of the Department, or by individuals and groups specifically granted this privilege by the EECS Headquarters.
ECF: Educational Computing Facility
The Educational Computing Facility, ECF, located in 38-376 is devoted to maintaining the computing infrastructure for the multiple needs of the EECS Department including teaching laboratories, administrative office. Members of the ECF, listed below, also provide support to EECS administrators, faculty and students.