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About the EECS the Communication Lab

The EECS Communication Lab offers writing, speaking, and visual design support for scientists by scientists. 

Our Communication Advisors are EECS graduate students and post-docs who have been trained rigorously so that they are both content experts and communication coaches.  The EECS Communication Advisors are available to help you with individual coaching for any scientific communication task you are working on – from to publications to conference talks.

In addition to offering coaching, the EECS Communication Lab is developing a spring semester 6-credit communication course that will launch in February 2016. 


How to use the EECS Communication Lab

To get started working with an EECS Communication Advisor, book an appointment online
You can search by available time or by the Communication Advisors’ expertise, which you can find on their bios.  We encourage students to make an appointment at any stage in the writing process – the sooner the better.  You will need to plan 24 hours in advance to use our online scheduling system. If you’re not sure which Advisor to work with, just contact us and we can help you get started.


About the Communication Lab model

The Communication Lab model was first launched in MIT’s Department of Biological Engineering in 2013 and replicated successfully in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering in 2014. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Communication Lab will be open as of November 16, 2015.

If you want to learn more or have ideas you want to share, please contact Jaime Goldstein, MIT Communication Lab Director.