Automated Diary Systems


Automated Diary Systems

Faculty Advisor: Daniela Rus
Contact e-mail:
Research Area(s): Artificial Intelligence, Computer Systems, Graphics and Human-Computer Interfaces
Imagine an automatic private diary that records your life. For example, it allows you to:

- Manage your time and get statistics about the time you spent with specific friends, family, or places.

- Search it for all the restaurants that you visited last year and send to your guest.

- See where you celebrated every birthday of your life.

- Publish parts of your auto autobiography to the world, and to your grandchildren in the future.

Our group at DRL is developing solutions towards these goals
based on collected data from smartphone sensors. We build our
own specialized hardware, collect the data, analayze it, and write the
web/iPhone user interfaces. This project involves combining smartphone hacking with algorithms design, ObjectC with computational geometry, information theory with text mining, and AI with GPU programming.

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