Interactive Data Visualization for Everyone on the Web


Interactive Data Visualization for Everyone the Web

Faculty Advisor: David Karger
Contact e-mail:
Research Area(s): Graphics and Human-Computer Interfaces
Exhibit (Link is an open source Javascript library that helps non-programmers author and publish rich interactive data visualizations on the web. We use Exhibit to push the boundaries of web authoring without programming, with our ultimate goal being to enable end-users to WYSIWYG-author complete web applications. Exhibit has been adopted on over a thousand web sites by hobbyists, scientists, merchants, and journalists and has served several million page views. Opportunities to advance Exhibit include (i) incorporating new types of visualizations such as heat maps or network layouts, or entire visualization frameworks such as theJit or dojo GFX into Exhibit, (ii) incorporating Exhibit into common web platforms such as Mediawiki (see Link or Wordpress (see Link (iii) enhancing performance using powerful Javascript libraries such as datavore, and (iv) studying Exhibit's thousands of uses on the web to learn more about how people manage information and what could make Exhibit more useful.

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