27. Sample Title Page


Sample Title Page

Your Title Page should follow the MIT library guidelines, with the following exceptions/notes:

  • The department is "the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science"
  • The degree is "Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science" unless you are part of the 6-7 MEng program, in which case it's "Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Molecular Biology". (Note, in both cases, "Master" not "Masters")
  • The degree date is February 2021. (not January 2021. Even if you are submitting in January, the degree date must be February 2021.)
  • If you retain copyright of your thesis, you need the "permission legend" beneath the copyright line, as the example shows. If you are unsure of whether you retain copyright, see here; most students do not, if they have been funded by RAships or TAships during their MEng.
  • The name/title for the "Accepted by" line is "Katrina LaCurts, Chair, Master of Engineering Thesis Committee"

For the electronic submission, your title page should include no signatures; not even your own.


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