7. Thesis Grades: The Grade of J or the Grade of U



To use an MEng Thesis Proposal to satisfy the UAP requirement, you must register for 6.UAP.   The Undergraduate Office must receive a graded proposal by the last day of classes for that term. If we do not receive a graded proposal by the deadline, you will not receive a final grade. Students should not generally register for 6.ThM until after the proposal is submitted through 6.UAP.

The grade of U (Unsatisfactory progress) in 6.ThM will be given if the thesis proposal is not submitted by the end of the first term of thesis registration, or if the thesis supervisor informs the Undergraduate Office that he or she wishes to give a student that grade due to unsatisfactory progress. The final grade in 6.ThM is a letter grade, not Pass/Fail. No Incompletes (I's) will be given in thesis. A grade for 6.ThM is required from a thesis supervisor by the Undergraduate Office ONLY at thesis completion. Unless a supervisor informs us otherwise, the grade of J will be given until thesis completion as long as an approved and current proposal is on file. For thesis registration, IAP is part of the Fall Term and no IAP thesis registration is usually necessary.