4. Classified Research and Copyright


All graduate theses are required to be submitted to Institute Library where they are available to the public.  Theses classified by the government as 'Confidential' or 'Secret' for reasons of national security, or 'Company Confidential'' by a company for proprietary reasons will not be accepted. Theses completed in classified sections of 6-A companies, Lincoln Laboratory or Draper Lab must be deemed unclassified by the government.

A statement must be attached to the thesis indicating that the thesis will be unclassified (for a sample, see Section 25).

Patent and copyright: If a graduate student has received any financial support for the thesis in the form of wages, a salary, a stipend, an RAship, or grant from MIT administered funds, the thesis is then copyrighted to MIT. Otherwise, the student may copyright the thesis. (More information is located in the MIT thesis specifications.) Students may also speak with their thesis supervisor, the MIT Technology Licensing Office and/or the Office of General Counsel.

It is occasionally necessary for theses to be placed on hold while they are checked for classified information or patent filing.

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