Shah receives INFORMS Applied Probability Society's Erlang Prize

November 16, 2010

Devavrat Shah the Jamieson Career Development Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and principal investigator in the Laboratory of Information and Decisions Systems (LIDS) is the 2010 recipient of the Applied Probability Society's Erlang Prize presented at the INFORMS meeting held November 7-10. The Applied Probability Society of INFORMS bestows this honor every other year on a research scholar within nine years of receiving his/her Ph.D. who has contributed significantly to applied probability.

The Erlang Prize citation to Devavrat Shah reads:

"The 2010 Erlang Prize has been awarded to Devavrat Shah of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, of MIT. He is a prolific researcher, his publication record six years after his Ph. D. already includes over 50 papers in top journals and conference proceedings. His work covers a remarkably broad array of topics, both in theoretical areas and applications. He constantly enters new fields, seemingly effortlessly expanding his horizon. In particular, he has advanced the state of the art in the following areas: (i) stochastic queueing networks with applications to switch scheduling and wireless communications; (ii) graphical models, belief propagation and message passing algorithms; and (iii) network information theory and statistical inference in networks.

Devavrat Shah combines an ability to spot interesting and relevant problems with the technical prowess and creativity that are required to solve them. The fact that he has already guided several students who are entering the academic world is further testimonial that he is developing into a leading researcher in applied probability."

Congratulations Devavrat!