Palacios receives Spanish Royal Academy of Engineerings Betancourt Award

December 26, 2013

The Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering presented the "Agustin de Betancourt" award to Professor Tomás Palacios on Nov. 26. This award, the most prestigious given in Spain to an engineer less than 36 years old, recognizes Prof. Palacios’ work on nanotechnologies applied to high frequency electronic devices based on GaN and graphene. [Photo: Prof. Palacios posed with Prof. Elias Fereres (left), President of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Rafael del Pino (right), member of the MIT Corporation and CEO of Ferrovial.] 

A member of the MIT faculty and principal investigator at the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) since 2006, Tomas Palacios focuses on the application of “extreme materials” to electronics. Members of the Palacios Group work on several major projects including applications of the exotic gallium nitride to silicon chips and the use of graphene in large-area transparent electronics that could be layered onto walls, windows or clothes. Palacios, the Emmanuel E. Landsman Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, also heads the MIT-MTL Center for Graphene Devices and 2D Systems and the MIT-MTL GaN Center. Read more in the July 2, 2013, MIT News feature on Prof. Palacios.

Prof. Tomás Palacios and several members of his group also received two prestigious awards at the plenary session of the 2013 International Electron Devices Meeting in early December, in Washington DC. IEDM is the premier conference in electron devices and it is a great honor to receive these awards at the plenary session.

At the IEDM, Han Wang, who completed his PhD thesis in June 2013 under Prof. Palacios, received the 2012 Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award. The award winning work is titled “Large-Scale 2D Electronics Based Single-Layer MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition.” Dr. Wang also recently received the first prize for the 2013 Jin-Au Kong Doctoral Thesis Prize for Electrical Engineering at MIT.

At the same conference, Bin Lu, Elison Matioli and Tomás Palacios received the 2012 Electron Devices Society George E. Smith Award. This is given to the best article published in IEEE Electron Device Letters in 2012. EDL is a prestigious, fast publication journal where leading research in electron devices is published. The winning paper is titled “Tri-Gate Normally-Off GaN Power MISFET.” Bin Lu was a PhD student with Prof. Palacios and Elison Matioli is a postdoc in the group.