EECS faculty in MIT Energy (MITEI) News: Bulovic, Leeb, Palacios, Demaine, Baldo

July 13, 2010

Read about EECS faculty members cited in the spring 2010 MIT Energy Initiative newsletter, Energy Futures.

Professor Steve Leeb's work on energy efficient lighting is described. Leeb and his team have developed proximity detectors which use the natural electric fields that people generate to influence lighting and significantly save on wasted energy use. EECS graduate students John Cooley and Al-Thaddeus Avestruz and undergraduate student Daniel Vickery are part of Leeb's research team.

Read the article "Tailored lighting: Reducing wasted watts." (pages 6 - 8).

KDD Associate Professor of Communications and Technology in EECS Vladimir Bulovic as co-director of the newly opened Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers Center (SFC), is quoted concerning the facility: "Having a central hands-on facility where students can gather for an interactive exchange of information is invaluable for the MIT solar research community." The new laboratories and meeting space in Building 13 are part of a larger collaboration between MIT and the Italian energy company Eni S.p.A. begun in 2008.

Read more of this article: "New Eni-MIT center brings high-tech tools to solar research" (pages 4-6).

In an article titled "Improving the transistor: Small device, big energy savings," assistant professor Tomás Palacios' work on power electronics is cited for potential energy savings of 10-20% on all power electronic circuits used in devices such as laptops and cell phones. Palacios, working with EECS graduate student Bin Lu, has aimed at improving one of the main components for all power electronics, the transistor. Read more, pages 12-14.

EECS associate professor and CSAIL principal investigator Erik Demaine is a recipient of the fifth round of MITEI seed grant for energy research. Demaine's award is for work on Energy-efficient Algorithms.

EECS professor, CSAIL principal investigator and EECS Associate Department Head Srini Devadas working with Physics professor John Joannopoulos and Ivan Celanovic from the Institute for Solder Nanotechnologies, has received a MITEI fifth round seed grant for energy research. The project is titled Advanced multi-core processor architectures for power electronics controls and simulation: enabling efficient integration of renewables into the smart grid.

EECS associate professor and director of the Center for Excitonics at MIT Marc Baldo is one of eight MIT faculty who participated in an MITEI press briefing held in early March. View videos of these briefings. Marc Baldo's presentation is in Part One of the series.