A Roadmap to Long-Term Brain-Machine Interfaces


Event Speaker: 

Jan M. Rabaey, University of California at Berkeley

Event Location: 

Grier Room 34-401

Event Date/Time: 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 12:00pm

Research Area: 

Light lunch will be provided at 11:30am.
Acquiring deeper insights into the dynamic behavior of the brain requires imaging capabilities operating at multiple scales of resolution – from microns to the complete brain. Recent advances in microscopic sensing, ULP processing and communications lead to interfaces that may be able to observe thousands if not millions of active neurons in vivo, opening the door for viable long-term brain-machine interfaces that restore function for people with severe neural disabilities.
Short Bio:
Prof. Jan Rabaey is the founding director of the Berkeley Wireless Research Center and the Ubiquitous Swarm Lab. He has been on the forefront of many groundbreaking innovations in low-energy design, and is currently exploring the interaction between information technology and neuroscience.