Doctoral Thesis: Theory of Phasor-Field Imaging


Event Speaker: 

Justin Dove

Event Location: 

online via Zoom

Event Date/Time: 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 2:30pm


The phasor field has been shown to be a valuable tool for non-line-of-sight imaging. We present a formal analysis of phasor-field propagation using paraxial wave optics and demonstrate how it can be used to form images of hidden diffuse targets both computationally and with physical lenses. To model propagation through more general scenarios, we introduce the two-frequency, spatial Wigner distribution and derive primitives that characterize its behavior. These primitives are used to analyze occlusion-aided imaging scenarios as well as to verify intuitive results in the geometric-optics limit. Additionally, we demonstrate how to extend some of our results beyond the paraxial regime and include a thorough exploration of the effects of speckle.

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Jeffrey H. Shapiro

Thesis Committee: Gregory W. Wornell and Franco N.C. Wong