Doctoral Thesis: Sampling-based Algorithms for Fast and Deployable AI


Event Speaker: 

Cenk Baykal

Event Location: 

via zoom, see details below

Event Date/Time: 

Monday, August 2, 2021 - 2:00pm


We present sampling-based algorithms with provable guarantees to alleviate the increasingly prohibitive costs of training and deploying modern AI systems. At the core of this thesis lies importance sampling, which we use to construct representative subsets of inputs and compress machine learning models to enable fast and deployable systems. We provide theoretical guarantees on the representativeness of the generated subsamples for a variety of objectives, ranging from eliminating data redundancy for efficient training of ML models to compressing large neural networks for real-time inference. In contrast to prior work that has predominantly focused on heuristics, the algorithms presented in this thesis can be widely applied to varying scenarios to obtain provably competitive results. We present empirical evaluations on real-world scenarios and data sets that demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of the presented work. 


Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Daniela Rus

To attend this defense, please contact the doctoral candidate at baykal at mit dot edu