Wet and wonder-full graduation 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 11:30am

President L. Rafael Reif speaks to the class of 2013 graduates at commencement June 7, 2013"I want you to change the source code. I want you to rewire the circuits. Rearrange the molecules. Reformulate the equation. In short, I want you to hack the world ... until you make the world a little more like MIT.”

"The last time I was out here with a big group of people, we were having a huge snowball fight. I know that many members of the class of 2013 were part of it. To those of you who got me wet: This is my revenge!" — L. Rafael Reif

Graduation 2013 may have been about the worst weather on record, but the graduates, families and friends who experienced it were all the more celebratory. Enjoy the photo slideshows below from the Hooding line up of EECS PhD graduates and the Hooding Reception on June 6 and the EECS Graduation Reception held on June 7 in the big tent outside the Koch and Stata Centers. If you want photo copies, just right click on the particular photo and download. (Or, contact Patricia Sampson patsys at mit.edu). Best wishes to all our graduates!