Masterworks: Showcasing master's degree candidates' scientific work

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 8:30pm

By Anne Stuart | EECS

It was a day to talk, think, and learn about student research.

About 45 students presented posters or demonstrations during Masterworks, the annual EECS celebration of thesis research leading to the master of science (SM) and master of engineering (MEng) degrees.

Dozens of other students, faculty members, and industry guests joined the Masterworks event on April 18 to learn about students’ work, and enjoy an ice-cream buffet. The event featured prizes for the best presentations,  winners received prizes donated from Apple and Samsung.




Masterworks Winners’ Circle

The winners of the Morris Joseph Levin Award for the best thesis presentations were: Peter Florence, “Integrated Perception and Control at High Speed" (Professor Russ Tedrake, advisor) and Chris Poulton, “On-Chip LIDAR with Optical Phased Arrays" (Professor Michael Watts, advisor).

Audience-choice winners for Masterworks were:

  • First-place poster: Sami Alsheikh, “Automated Visual and Textual Understanding of Infographics”
  • Second-place poster: Anubhav Jain, “Making Localization Work for Smart Homes”
  • Third-place poster: Ruizhi Liao, “Temporal Alignment of MRI Time Series”
  • Fourth-place poster: Mohamed Abdelhamid, “Ultra-Low-Power, High-Sensitivity Secure Wakeup Receiver for the Internet of Things” 

Industry-choice winners for Masterworks posters were:

  • Electrical engineering winner: Poulton, for “On-Chip LIDAR with Optical Phased Arrays”
  • Computer science winner: Mingmin Zhao, “Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals”


Masterworks also featured a competition in which attendees took a quiz based on information in the posters, with two prizes awarded for the highest number of correct answers. Winners were Mazy Abulnaga, a graduate student in EECS, and Hyuwon Seo, a graduate student in chemistry. Faculty co-chairs for Masterworks were Professors Dirk Englund and Vinod Vaikuntanathan.