Kolodziejski becomes new EECS Graduate Officer

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 (All day)

On. Nov. 21, 2010, Department Head Eric Grimson announced to EECS faculty colleagues a change in Graduate Officer.


"After many years of superb service, Terry Orlando is stepping down as Graduate Officer for the department. Terry has been an invaluable member of the department's team: smoothly running the immense task of admissions, carefully stewarding our nearly 800 graduate students through our degree system, and serving as a thoughtful and knowledgeable mentor to students having difficulties. We greatly appreciate Terry's contributions to the department and especially to our graduate students.


I am delighted to inform you that Leslie Kolodziejski will take on the responsibilities of Graduate Officer for the department. Leslie will start assuming many of the responsibilities of running the graduate office immediately."


As Leslie Kolodziejski assumes this new role, she is handing over the chair position of Area IV, Engineering Physics, to faculty member Jeff Lang. Eric Grimson noted:

"I want to thank Leslie for her great service in this role, especially in guiding the merger of Areas IV and V, and the smooth operation of the graduate program in this new merged group.


I also want to thank Jeff Lang, who has kindly agreed to take over the duties of Area IV Head. I am sure that Jeff will ensure the same careful oversight of the graduate students in Area IV."