EECS Celebrates 2018: Recognizing the department's outstanding contributors

Friday, May 25, 2018 - 1:45pm

EECS Staff

Students, faculty, staff, and special guests came together for EECS Celebrates, the department's annual awards ceremony and reception. The department presented nearly 60 awards during the May 18 event.

A highlight of this year's celebration was the new Seth J. Teller Award for Excellence, Inclusion, and Diversity. Named for the late EECS professor, the award honors members of the MIT community who embody those three values through work, research, or educational innovation.

The inaugural winners are: Irene Chen, a PhD candidate in EECS, and Marzyeh Ghassemi, a postdoctoral associate in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Both were honored for serving as mentors and undertaking other activities to improve diversity and inclusion. Teller's widow, Rachel Zimmerman, and daughters, Sophia and Julia, attended the ceremony to present the awards.

Click below to see a photo slideshow, which is followed by a full list of this year's awards. All photos by Gretchen Ertl.

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Frank Quick Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship (FRIF)
Devavrat Shah, Professor of EECS

EECS Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship (FRIF)
Nickolai Zeldovich, Professor of EECS

Louis D. Smullin (’39) Award for Excellence in Teaching
Joseph Steinmeyer, Extraordinary Lecturer

Jerome H. Saltzer Award for Excellence in Teaching
Robert C. Berwick, Professor, Computational Linguistics and Computer Science & Engineering

Burgess (1952) & Elizabeth Jamieson Prizes for Excellence in Teaching
Erik Demaine, Professor of EECS
Dennis M. Freeman, Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical Engineering

Ruth and Joel Spira Awards for Excellence in Teaching
Regina Barzilay, Delta Electronics Professor of EECS
John Tsitsiklis, Clarence J. LeBel Professor of EECS

EECS Outstanding Educator Awards
Stefanie Mueller, X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor of EECS
Tao B. Schardl, Postdoctoral Associate, CSAIL

Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising
Ronitt Rubinfeld, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering 

IEEE/ACM Best Advisor Award
Gim P. Hom, Lecturer, EECS

HKN Best Instructor Award
Hari Balakrishnan, Fujitsu Professor of EECS

Department Head Special Recognition Award
Igor Gilitschenski, Senior Postdoctoral Associate, CSAIL
Lukas B. Murmann, PhD Candidate
Feras Saad, PhD Candidate

Richard J. Caloggero Award
Rob Miller, EECS Education Co-Officer and Distinguished Professor in Computer Science



Paul L. Penfield Student Service Award
Alex Jordan Hanson

Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award
Megan Marie Fuller

Harold Hazen Teaching Award
Fabian A. Kozynski Waserman

Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Awards
Timothy Kaler
Anne K. Kelley
Remi Mir
Tally Portnoi
Shraman Ray Chaudhuri
Mayuri Sridhar
Xuhong (Lisa) Zhan

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Award
Olivia Brode-Roger

Jeremy Gerstle UROP Award
Uma Roy
Project: Distributed Uncertainty Estimation for Variational Inference
Supervisor: Tamara Broderick, ITT Career Development Assistant Professor of EECS

Morais (1986) and Rosenblum (1986) UROP Award
Rujie Yao
Project: Continuous Removal of Nonviable Suspended Mammalian Cells and Debris from Bioreactors Using Inertial Microfluidics
Supervisor: Jongyoon Han, Professor of EECS and Biological Engineering

Anna Pogosyants UROP Award
Douglas Stryker
Project: Splines in Shape Difference Space
Supervisor: Justin Solomon, X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor of EECS

Licklider UROP Award
Xin Wen
Project: ColorMod: Recoloring 3D Printed Objects Using Photochromic Inks
Supervisor: Stefanie Mueller, X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor of EECS

Robert M. Fano UROP Award
Ekin Karasan
Project: An Enhanced Mechanistic Model for Capnography, with Application to CHF-COPD Discrimination
Supervisor: George Verghese, Professor of EECS

2017-2018 SuperUROP Awards
Andrew Ilyas
Project: Training GANS with Optimism
Advisor: Constantinos Daskalaskis, Associate Professor of EECS

Andrew Rouditchenko 
Project: The Sound of Pixels
Advisor: Josh McDermott, Middleton Career Development Assistant Professor, Department of Brain and Cognitive Science

Diana Wofk
Project: Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network for Depth Prediction
Advisor: Vivienne Sze, Associate Professor of EECS

George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize (6.111)
Katherine Shade & Melinda Szabo  
Project: Virtual Softball

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award: Best 6.111 Project
Nicholas Waltman & Mike M. Wang
Project: Live-Action Pong

David A. Chanen Writing Awards (for Writing in 6.033)
David J. Amirault
6.033: System Critique: MapReduce

Temi T. Taylor
System Critique: Map Reduce

Morris Joseph Levin Award for Masterworks Thesis Presentation
Mazdak Abulnaga
Title: Visualizing the Placenta in a Familiar Way
Supervisors: Polina Golland, Professor of EECS; Justin Solomon, X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor of EECS

Tathagata Srimani
Title: Energy-Efficent Computing: From Nanotubes to Negative Capacitance
Supervisor: Max Shulaker, Emmanuel E. Landsman (1958) Career Development Assistant Professor of EECS

David Adler Electrical Engineering MEng Thesis Awards
First Place: Catherine Medlock
Title: Optimality of Empirically Generated Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves
Supervisor: Alan V. Oppenheim, Ford Professor of Engineering  

Second Place: Saumil Bandyopadhyay
Title: Frequency Down-Conversion for Quantum Networking with Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond
Supervisor: Dirk Englund, Associate Professor of EECS

Charles  & Jennifer Johnson MEng Computer Science Thesis Awards
First Place (1 of 2): Andres Erbsen
Title: Crafting Certified Elliptic Curve Cryptography Implementations in Coq
Advisor: Adam Chlipala, Associate Professor of Computer Science

First Place (2 of 2): Jade Philipoom
Title: Correct-by-Construction Finite Field Arithmetic in Coq
Advisor: Adam Chlipala, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Second Place: Bowen Baker
Title: Towards Practical Neural Network Meta-Modeling
Advisors: Cesar Hidalgo, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences; Nikhil Naik, Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT and Harvard

Francis Reintjes Excellence in 6-A Industrial Partnership Award
Alex Sloboda
Project: AC-Coupled Ripple Reduction Method for Chopper-Stabilized Amplifiers
Supervisor: Charles Sodini, LeBel Professor of Electrical Engineering
Company: Analog Devices


StartMIT Hard Tech Problem & Solution Citation: ECTOTHERM 
Anton Cottrill
Volodymyr Koman
Wei Sun Leong

StartMIT Hard Tech Problem  Solution Citation: METASTORAGE
Gian Carlo Correa
Antoni Forner Cuenco
Laureen Meroueh
Ruitao Wan

StartMIT Most Promising Business Idea: NEXTILES
George Sun
Jodie Zuo

StartMIT Most Promising Business Idea: TANK IT EASY
Aymar Christian de Lichterveldte
Lina Gonzalez
Francesco Maurelli
Sayuri Ozaki

StartMIT Best Undergraduate Pitch: SILOS
Mesert Kebed
Marla E. Odell

StartMIT Student Audience Choice: FOCUS
Jesus A. Mathus
Alex Nordin


The following additional awards to EECS faculty were also acknowledged during the EECS Celebrates ceremony:

Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching (presented by the School of Engineering)
Srini Devadas, Webster Professor of EECS

Innovative Seminar Award (presented by the Office of the Vice Chancellor as part of the Freshman Advisors Awards)
Dennis M. Freeman, Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical Engineering

MIT Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award (presented to junior faculty members for exceptional teaching, research, and service)
Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Associate Professor of EECS

MIT Gordon Y Billard Award (presented in recognition of “special service of outstanding merit”)
Christopher Terman, Senior Lecturer, EECS

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