Chlipala selected as the Douglas Ross (1954) Career Development Professor of Software

Monday, July 2, 2012 - 4:15pm

Adam Chlipala selected as the the Douglas Ross (1954) Career Development Professor of Software
Adam Chlipala has been selected to hold the Douglas Ross (1954) Career Development Professorship of Software, as announced July 1, 2012 by EECS Department Head Anantha Chandrakasan.  

Adam Chlipala joined MIT in July 2011 as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a member of CSAIL.  He received a BS from Carnegie Mellon in 2003 and a PhD from Berkeley in 2007, both in computer science.  Adam's research applies computer theorem proving to construct more effective software development tools.  Much of his work involves proving theorems about the correct behavior of software using the Coq theorem proving system, about which he has written a popular online book, due out soon in hard copy from MIT Press.  He also works in the design and implementation of new programming languages, including Ur/Web, a domain-specific language for Web applications, which applies theorem proving technology to rule out costly mistakes in orchestrating the many pieces of a realistic Web site.