Recognizing excellence in the EECS community

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 2:00pm

Nearly 250 people attended EECS Celebrates 2017, the annual awards event recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). The department presented 60 awards during the ceremony at the Museum of Science on May 21.

The evening’s highlights included a lively performance by the Chorallaries, a popular MIT student a cappella group.  You can view the presentation slides of all the winners at EECS-Celebrates-2017-web.pdf.

See below for a list of award winners and a slide show of photos from the celebration. All photos are by Gretchen Ertl.


Created with flickr slideshow.


Frank Quick Faculty Research Innovation Fellowships
Elfar Adalsteinsson
Karl Berggren
Antonio Torralba

Louis D. Smullin ('39) Award for Teaching Excellence
Antonio Torralba

Jerome H. Saltzer Award
Tamara Broderick

Burgess ('52) & Elizabeth Jamieson Awards for Excellence in Teaching
Charles E. Leiserson
David Perreault

Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Awards
Patrick Jaillet
Nir Shavit

EECS Outstanding Educator Awards
Max Goldman
Adam Hartz

EECS Digital Innovation Award
Ana Bell, John Guttag, Eric Grimson

ACM/IEEE Best Advisor Award
Joel Voldman

HKN Best Instructor Award
Joseph Steinmeyer

Richard J. Caloggero Award
Anne Hunter

Department Head Special Recognition Award
David Foss

StartMIT Competition, First Place
Benjamin Jean-Baptiste Grena, Wen Jie Ong, and Zhengzhen Tan
Startup: Divaqua

StartMIT Competition, Second Place
Anna Fountain, Rui Song, and Joanna K. Cohen
Startup: CommuniCARE

Paul L. Penfield Student Service Awards
Alyssa Cartwright (Undergraduate)
Keertan Kini (MEng)
Katia Shtyrkova (Graduate)

Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award
Omer Tanovic

Harold L. Hazen Teaching Award
Shalom A. Abate

Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Awards
Ariel Anders
Zied Ben Chaouch
Daniel Mendelsohn
Clément Pit-Claudel
Guolong Su
Emily Zhang

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Awards
Kathleen Johnson
Allan Sadun

Jeremy Gerstle UROP Award
Benjamin Eysenbach
Project: Exploring Beliefs in Images and Videos
Supervisors: Antonio Torralba and Carl Vondrick

Morais (1986) and Rosenblum (1986) Award
Rajeev Parvathala
Project: Volumetric Reconstruction of the Nervous System of C. Elegans
Supervisor: Nir Shavit

Anna Pogosyants UROP Award
Jade Philipoom and Andres Erbsen
Project: Systematic Synthesis of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Implementations
Supervisor: Adam Chlipala

Licklider UROP Award
Lilika Markatou
Project: Leader Election in SINR Using Arbitrary Transmission Power Control
Supervisors: Nancy Lynch and Stephan Holzer

Fano Award Outstanding SuperUROP Research Project
William S. Moses
Project: Performance Engineering in a Parallel Environment
Supervisor: Charles E. Leiserson

SuperUROP 2016-2017 Outstanding Research Project Awards
Suma M. Anand
Project: Echolocation: Modeling, Simulating, and Fabricating Biomimetic Ultrasound Receivers
Supervisor: Aude Oliva

Allison C. Lemus
Project: Reliability of High-Voltage GaN
Supervisor: Jesús del Alamo

Daniel D. Richman
Project: RABBIT: Secure Wireless Communications Using Ultra-Fast Bit-Level Frequency Hopping
Supervisors: Anantha Chandrakasan and Rabia Tugce Yazicigil

Chengkai Zhang
Project: One-Shot Learning for 3D Shape Perception
Supervisor: William T. Freeman

SuperUROP 2016-2017 Presentation Awards
Sarah Hensley
Project: Balance and Force Control with NASA’s Humanoid: Valkyrie
Supervisors: Russ Tedrake and Michale Posa

Daniel D. Richman
Project: RABBIT: Secure Wireless Communications Using Ultra-Fast Bit-Level Frequency Hopping
Supervisors: Anantha Chandrakasan and Rabia Tugce Yazicigil

SuperUROP 2016-2017 Technical Report Awards*
Uttara Chakraborty
Project: Fiber-Integrated InAs Quantum-Dot Single-Photon Sources
Supervisor: Dirk Englund

Dustin Doss
Project: Comparative Analysis of Document Embeddings for Clinical Texts
Supervisor: Peter Szolovits

Ignacio Estay Forno
Project: Temperature-Modulated Superconducting Channels in Parallel with Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors
Supervisor: Karl Berggren
*These three awards were announced following EECS Celebrates.

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award Best 6.111 Project
Henry W. Love and Yuechen “Mark” Yang
Project: FPGA Beethoven

George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize (6.111)
Daniel Richman and Jorge Troncoso
Project: Digital Storage Oscilloscope

David A. Chanen Writing Award (for Writing in 6.033)
Sophia Russo
Project: Critique 2: Eraser

Morris Joseph Levin Award for Masterworks Thesis Presentations
Peter Florence
Project: Integrated Perception and Control at High Speed
Supervisor: Russ Tedrake

Christopher Poulton
Project: On-Chip LIDAR with Optical Phased Arrays
Supervisor: Michael Watts

Charles & Jennifer Johnson Computer Science MEng Thesis Award
Feras Saad
Project: A Probabilistic Programming Approach to Probabilistic Data Analysis
Supervisors: Vikash Mansinghka

David Adler Electrical Engineering MEng Thesis Award
Yihua Li
Project: Blind Regression: Understanding Collaborative Filtering from Matrix Completion to Tensor Completion
Supervisor: Devavrat Shah

Francis Reintjes Excellence in 6-A Industrial Practice Awards
Joseph Griffin
Project: A Compression Algorithm for Taking Advantage of Distributed Beamforming
Faculty Advisor: James Ward
Company: MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Chad Uyehara
Project: High-Voltage Sampling Scheme Independent of Capacitor Voltage Coefficient for a Delta Sigma Modulator
Faculty Advisors: Charles Sodini and Michael Kultgen
Company: Linear Technology