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Biomedical Signal Processing and Imaging
Clinical Decision Making
Computational Biophysics
Computational Genomics & Proteomics
Computational Neuroscience
Micro/Nanotechnology for Biology & Medicine
Quantitative Physiology
Sensory Communication
Synthetic Biology
Tissue Engineering

Sensory Communication

Courses: 6.021J, 6.182, 6.345, 6.555J

Lou Braida
Denny Freeman
Rahul Sarpeshkar
John Wyatt
Victor Zue

Methods in EECS are applied to increase our understanding of how humans communicate using their various senses. Topics include models for the production of speech, the sensory reception of sound by the ear, the perception of sounds by listeners, and perception of visual information. Applications include the development of aids and prosthetic devices for the impaired—such as hearing aids and retinal implants—as well as automatic speech recognition and synthesis for improved communications with machines.




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