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Biomedical Signal Processing & Imaging
Clinical Decision Making
Computational Biophysics
Computational Genomics & Proteomics
Computational Neuroscience
Micro/Nanotechnology for Biology & Medicine: Patterned periodic nanofluidic filters for biomolecule separation
Quantitative Physiology
Sensory Communication
Synthetic Biology
Tissue Engineering

Micro/Nanotechnology for Biology
and Medicine

Courses: 6.021J, 6.023, 6.152, 6.777

Sangeeta Bhatia
Denny Freeman
Martha Gray
Jay Han
Tim Lu
Rajeev Ram
Marty Schmidt
Joel Voldman
Mehmet Fatih Yanik

Micro- and nano-technology is used to create devices that can probe, measure, and manipulate molecules and cells. From nanofluidic systems that use electrical double-layers for protein separation to electrically patterned arrays of cells, topics covered in EECS courses directly impact the study of bioscience. Additionally, the design principles used in EECS courses, such as equivalent circuits, are essential for designing devices as diverse as microfluidic mixers, microscale bioreactors, and fluorescent biosensors. Finally, we offer courses that teach the fabrication of these devices.




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