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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Clinical Decision Making
Computational Biophysics
Computational Genomics & Proteomics
Computational Neuroscience
Micro/Nanotechnology for Biology & Medicine
Quantitative Physiology
Sensory Communication
Synthetic Biology
Tissue Engineering

Biomedical Signal Processing & Imaging

Courses: 6.121, 6.555, 6.556

Elfar Adalsteinsson
Denny Freeman
Jim Fujimoto
Polina Golland
Martha Gray
Eric Grimson
Thomas Heldt
Alan Oppenheim
George Verghese

Imaging of biological phenomena at various spatial and temporal scales provides the data necessary for modeling anatomy and function of the human body and brain. Example biological phenomena we study include molecular structure of tissues, cell development, anatomical variability, inner ear dynamics. We develop new imaging techniques, as well as novel methods for extracting relevant biological information from images. Courses in signal processing and stochastic estimation provide a useful background. Additionally, we offer courses on many aspects of biomedical signal processing in each of the specialized areas of research.




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