Ashwini Gokhale, Course 6-2 senior wins Google's Anita Borg Scholarship, 2012-13


Meet Ashwini Gokhale, Course VI senior who was awarded in spring 2012, Google's Anita Borg Scholarship which is prefaced by a retreat at the Googleplex in Mountainview, CA. She also received a SWE Boston Scientific scholarship.

Ashwini's responses in her application for the Anita Borg scholarship give an idea of her experience and aspirations.

Hello! I'm a senior at MIT, love meeting new people, traveling to unexplored locales, and trying out different foods. My undergraduate research revolves around statistical modeling of an agent in an eCommerce environment. Upon graduating from MIT, I aspire to enter the realm of technology policy and work with lawmakers to help us govern the use of technology while still allowing free rein to let innovation thrive. As an electrical engineer and computer scientist, I understand the tremendous potential of technology in our lives and want to help make our society a little better, one policy at a time.

Why did you apply to the Anita Borg Scholarship?

Anita Borg embodies the essence of using technology to empower women and minorities and paving the way toward a better future by being a true leader. The ideals of this scholarship resonate with my drive, motivation, and personality. Thus, it seemed a logical extension to apply to the Anita Borg scholarship.

How has the Anita Borg Scholarship impacted you and your academic career?

Throughout college, I have always hoped to be recognized for my leadership as well as academic potential. Winning the Anita Borg Scholarship made me realize that I have the potential to apply my technical skills to help lead the way for a better future for humanity. Anita Borg was an incredible computer scientist, woman, and human being; I hope to live my life with similar competence, integrity, and dedication.

What did you find valuable about the Scholars' Retreat?

The Scholars' Retreat was an amazing experience: a gathering of scholarship recipients and finalists hanging out in Googleplex. What's not to love? The three-day Retreat was packed with engaging activities: we got to tour Google campus, roam the streets of San Francisco, and basically have a fantastic time. I have kept in contact with numerous attendees, and hope to meet them again some day.