EECS Study Abroad: Imperial


Subjects at Imperial are numbered in a convenient way.  100-level subjects correspond to their first-year subjects, 200-level to their second year, and 300-level to their third year.  An Imperial degree, like many in Europe, takes only three years to complete. Students take very few humanities subjects, and start engineering subjects right away.  As a result, first-year students at Imperial are more similar to MIT’s sophomores.
Thus, a rough guideline when looking at subjects is as follows:

  • 100-level subjects are at about the same level as our foundations (6.009, 6.006, etc.).
  • 200-level subjects are at about the same level as our headers (6.031, 6.033, etc.).
  • 300-level subjects are at about the same level as our AUS2’s.

You will also find 400-level subjects at Imperial.  These are part of a fourth-year masters, similar to our MEng.  Thus, 400-level subjects are at roughly the same level as our AAGSes.
This link gives a helpful overview of what courses ICL computing students take each year.

Studying abroad is a great experience, so at a first level, we recommend taking subjects you’re interested in regardless of whether they transfer.  However, if you are looking to receive transfer credit for some subjects, we recommend focusing on subjects that will transfer for headers or AUS2’s.  We prefer that students take their foundational subjects here at MIT, so that we can make sure you’re prepared for subjects that use those as pre-reqs.

Tentative list of courses at ICL that will transfer
This is not an exhaustive list.  It contains the courses that we believe will be taught in Spring 2019 at ICL, though we have not received the current course catalogue yet; we based this list on what was taught in Spring 2018.  If there is a course at ICL that you are interested in taking that you don’t see on this list, please email Katrina LaCurts ( to discuss the possibility of transfer credit.

Courses that will transfer for foundations
CO202 (Software Engineering - Algorithms) for 6.006

  • Despite its 200-level, this course is more similar to 6.006 than 6.046


Courses that will transfer for headers
CO231 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) for 6.034
CO395 (Machine Learning) for 6.036
CO245 (Probability and Statistics) for 6.041A, or to fulfill the MEng REST requirement

  • CO245 appears to cover slightly more than 6.041A, but not quite all of 6.041B.  Hence there is not a direct transfer for 6.041.

CO211 (Operating Systems) for 6.033

  • Note that CO211 only covers operating systems, whereas 6.033 covers a much larger breadth of systems.  If you intend to take 6.824, or similar graduate-level systems courses, it would be more helpful to take 6.033 here.
  • Additionally, CO211 will not count as a CI-M.


Courses that will transfer for AUS2’s
CO317 (Graphics) for 6.837
CO331 (Network and Web Security) for 6.858
CO332 (Advanced Computer Architecture) for 6.823
CO409 (Cryptography Engineering) for 6.857
ICL offers many courses that don’t transfer directly to one of our courses, but that you can use to satisfy your AUS2 requirement.  You will also receive 12 units of general elective credit for these.
CO303 (Systems Verification) as an AUS2
CO304 (Logic Based Learning) as an AUS2
CO318 (Custom Computing) as an AUS2
CO338 (Pervasive Computing) as an AUS2
CO347 (Distributed Algorithms) as an AUS2

  • MIT does have a course titled “Distributed Algorithms” (6.852), which is very theoretical.  We also have “Distributed Computer Systems Engineering” (6.824), which is very systems-oriented.  CO347 appears to include both theoretical and systems components, and so doesn’t directly map to either one of those courses.

CO417 (Advanced Computer Graphics) as an AUS2

  • This course requires CO317 as a prerequisite, so may not be appropriate for transfer students.  If you’ve already taken 6.837 at MIT, and are interested in CO417, email Katrina LaCurts ( for help in figuring out if CO417 would be manageable.

CO469 (Probabilistic Model Checking and Analysis) as an AUS2 or MEng REST
ICL also offers some 400-level “half courses”.  If you are interested in taking such a course, email Katrina LaCurts ( to discuss possible transfer credit.  A half course alone won’t transfer, but it’s possible that it will in conjunction with an additional half or full course.