Cody Coleman, '13, speaks about global MIT at Inauguration Symposium


Leading up to the formal Inauguration of MIT President L. Rafael Reif, three major symposia were were held at MIT, Sept. 19 - 21.  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science senior Cody Coleman was one of nearly 20 MIT faculty and students selected to speak at the Thursday, Sept., 19 symposium that addressed the Institute's global engagement.  

Associate Provost Philip Khoury opened the symposium noting that 30 percent of MIT's students and 62 percent of its postdocs come from outside the United States. With some 40 percent of MIT undergraduates studying abroad, and 20 percent of MIT's research funding coming from foreign sources, "MIT is truly a large-scale global research university," Khoury said.  

Khoury concluded his talk saying that "MIT sends out its own students into the world to train them to become the 'leaders of tomorrow'."  So it was fitting that Cody Coleman spoke shortly after Associate Provost Khoury.

Coleman spoke about his experiences studying abroad through the Cambridge-MIT Exchange Program.  As an electrical engineering and computer science major who also did an internship at Google in Zurich, Coleman said how grateful he is for the opportunities MIT gave him to push himself out of his 'comfort zone'.

“I found that not only could I survive abroad, I could rise to new heights,” Coleman said. “None of that would have happened without MIT’s incredible foreign exchange programs, which open students’ eyes to a world of possibilities.”, he continued.

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