Substitutions: EE


6-1/6-2 (Electrical Engineering) Substitution Procedures

 This note contains an outline of the procedures you should follow in
 asking for a 'not in kind' substitution of one or more subjects within
 the Electrical Engineering requirements.  Please note that I will not
 automatically approve any substitution. You must make a sound

 1. Talk with your advisor about what you want to
 do. I will take no action without your advisors

 2. Write down what your program will consist of (i.e. which subjects
 you will take in each category of Foundation, Header and Advanced
 Undergraduate Subjects)

 3. Describe which substitutions are requested and
 why they are important to you. How do they
 fit in with your professional objectives?

 4. Putting all of this into an electronic mail
 message, send it to your advisor with a request
 that your advisor endorse it and forward it to
 me. I will expect to get an email from your
 advisor containing an endorsement and your
 original message.

 If all of this is done correctly and I approve,
 I will forward the note to all who need to
 have it (you, your advisor and EECS).

 James L. Kirtley
 Professor of Electrical Engineering
 617 253-2357
 Room 10-098