Substitutions and Petitions


Instructions for Requesting Changes in EECS (6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-7, 6-14, MEng) Subject Requirements

Note that this process is only for changes to the EECS degree requirements.  GIR and CI-M related petitions are handled by the Institute.

  1. Talk to your advisor about what you want to do.   Requests will be considered only if they have your Course 6 academic advisor's endorsement.
  2. Please construct an email message indicating your degree program (6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-7, 6-14, MEng) and list the subjects you have taken or will take to satisfy ALL your course 6 requirements, including Intro, Math, Foundation, Header, Lab, AUS, UAT, and, if applicable, MEng subjects and concentration.  Include grades of those subjects you've taken, and mark with an asterisk (*) the ones for which you are seeking approval.  Also mark with double asterisk (**) nonstandard subjects previously approved for your requirements.  [See example listing below.]
  3. Explain why the substitution you're requesting makes sense for you and if there's some particular problem that compels you to make this substitution.  How do the requested changes fit in with your academic plans and professional objectives?
  4. Send this email to your advisor with a request that they endorse it and forward it to  We will expect to get an email from your advisor containing an endorsement and your original message.

The results of the review of your petition will be emailed to you and advisor.  If the petition is approved, the appropriate notation will made to your Departmental records and will appear in subsequent audits.

If you have any questions about the process, please email

Here's a sample course listing:  

   6.01 A
   6.02 B+
   18.03 B
   6.042 A-
   6.004 A
   6.005 B
   6.006 B+
   6.034 A
   6.033 B
   6.046 B
   6.172 B+
  6.801 A
  (*) 6.904  -- currently enrolled
   6.820 A
   6.868 A
   6.832 A
   (**)15.414 -- previously approved
MEng Concentration
  AI: 6.801, 6.868, 6.832
MEng Restricted Electives
  18.06 A
  18.100 B

And here's a listing for 6-7

   5.12 A
   6.005 B
   6.006 A
   6.046 B
   7.03 B
   7.05  A
   7.06 B
Chemistry Restricted Elective
   5.60 A
Computational Biology Restricted Elective
   6.047 B
   6.802 B
   7.36 B
Biology Restricted Elective
   7.20 A
AAGS Grad Subjects (MEng only)
   7.58 A
   7.62 A
   6.581J B
   6.874 A