Substitutions: 6-7


Instructions for Requesting Changes in 6-7 Subject Requirements

First, did you discuss this substitution with your academic advisor? If so, does your advisor approve? An email message from your advisor is sufficient.

Next, please make a chart listing, under the assumption your petition is approved, the courses you have taken or will take to satisfy your course 6-7 requirements. The chart should include sections showing how you fulfilled your Foundation requirements, your restricted electives, and H-level graduate subjects (only for 6-7 MEng students). Include grades of those course you've taken, and mark with an asterisk (*) the ones for which you are seeking approval. Also mark with double asterisk (**) nonstandard courses previously approved for your requirements.

Explain why the substitution you're requesting makes sense for you, and if there's some particular problem that compels you to make this substitution. That is usually enough for me to make a decision on a proposed requirement change.

Prof. Srini Devadas
MIT Dept. of ELectrical Engineering and Computer Science
office: (617) 253-0454

Here's a sample for the S.B./MEng programs:

5.12 A
 6.005  B
6.006 A
6.046 B
7.03 B
7.05 or 5.07 A
7.06 B
Chemistry Restricted Elective  
7.10 or 5.60 A
or 20.110J  
or 20.111  
Computational Biology Restricted Elective  
6.047 or 6.048 or 6.503 or 6.802 or 7.36 B
6.503 or 6.802 or 7.36 B
or 7.36 B
Biology Restricted Elective  
7.20 or 7.23 or  A
7.27 or 7.28  
or 7.33  
H-Level Graduate Subjects (MEng only)  
7.58 A
7.62 A
6.581J B
6.874J A