Academic success depends as much on making good decisions about what and how to study as it does on quantity of study. Your academic advisor can play a key role in helping you make good decisions.

Students who declare EECS as their major will receive detailed information about choosing an advisor. Students who are interested in EECS as a second major should contact the Undergraduate Office to obtain an EECS advisor.

New EECS majors should plan to meet with their advisors shortly after joining the department to get acquainted. Students who get to know their advisors well are most likely to reap the rewards of a good advising relationship, such as letters of recommendation and advocacy in the event of academic or other  difficulties.

MIT and EECS provide a variety of resources to help students to be successful. In addition to your academic advisor, the EECS Undergraduate Office can be especially helpful for resolving administrative issues, and the staff are generally available for short consultations on short notice.  You can access them through the Course 6 Academic Forum, as well as by email,, and dropping by 38-476.