Academic Perfomance


Course VI Standards
Students generally are not permitted to register for any EECS subject if they have received a D or an F in a prerequisite subject. In most cases, such a student should retake the prerequisite. However, students may petition to prove sufficient preparation through other work, such as a UROP. In such cases, a petition email should be submitted to the Undergraduate Office describing the special circumstances. The petition must have the approval of both the person in charge of the follow-on subject and the student's advisor. Such action will not affect the grade received in the prerequisite subject. For more information, see : Curriculum Substitutions.

With the exception of fall term freshman year, required EECS subjects, including restricted electives, must be taken on a graded basis (not pass/fail).

Academic Warnings
After the end of each term, students are flagged as likely to be in academic difficulty if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Term rating (GPA) less than or equal to 3.0
  • Term load less than 36 units
  • Term record includes more than 12 units of Incomplete

The department and the Institute's Committee on Academic Performance meet every term to determine which students should be given academic warnings and which should be required to withdraw from MIT. For more information about these circumstances, visit the Committee on Academic Performance pages titled If You Are Warned and If You Are Required to Withdraw.

Curriculum Substitutions
Substitutions for General Institute requirements (e.g. the Institute laboratory requirement or the HASS requirement) must be approved by the Institute Committee on Curricula. Students can request approval using an Institute Petition.

In-kind substitutions that do not change the contest of the major program (i.e. 18.700 for 18.06) may be approved by the student's academic advisor by emailed approved to Vera Sayzew, Significant NOT-in-kind substitutions that alter the content of the student's program must also be approved by the CS approver [link] (for CS subjects) or the EE approver [link] (for EE subjects).

Advising in EECS plays a big role for our students.