Financing the M.Eng.


M.Eng. candidates must be registered as full-time students and must be classified as graduate students for at least one regular term. Unfortunately, no undergraduate-style, need-based grants are available for the M.Eng., and graduate fellowships for the program are quite rare. For many, the solution to funding is a job as a research assistant (RA) or teaching assistant (TA). Although RA and TA positions can be difficult to obtain, they pay approximately $2,500/month in salary plus full tuition and health insurance. Regular graduate assistantships require students to work around 20 hours per week. RAs and TAs are strictly limited to two regular classes, but receive 24 units of credit for teaching or research/thesis, and so are almost always registered for 48 units each term. Rarely, half-time posts are available that pay half the monthly stipend, half tuition, and require half the hours. These jobs and allow students to take three classes. Loans are another financing option. For information, contact Student Financial Services.

Registration Limits for RAs and TAs

Full-time TAs and RAs can only register for two 12-unit classes each term plus thesis and RA or TA credit. There are NO exceptions. It is therefore very, very important that students have, at most, six subjects left to complete when they become graduate students. TAs must register for 24 units of 6.981, and can register for 3 units of 6.THM (thesis) if they are taking two classes or 12 units of thesis if they are only taking one class, for a total of no more than 51 units. RAs must register for 12 units of 6.991 and 12 units of 6.THM (thesis).

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