Financing MEng studies


MEng candidates must be registered as full-time students and must be classified as graduate students for at least one regular term.

Need-based grants are not available for the MEng program. In order to finance their education, students generally obtain research assistantships (RA), teaching assistantships (TA). Some students may receive graduate fellowships. RA and TA positions are competetive as they cover the cost of full tuition, heath insurance, and a stipend.  Students working as RAs or TAs are expected to work approximately 20 hours a week.

As a recipient of a research or teaching assistantship, students are limited to two courses (24 units) a semester.  However, they earn an additional 24 units of credit for teaching and/or research. MEng students are eligible for RA and TA support in their first three regular terms of registration as  graduate students.  Please contact with any questions.

For other options for financing the degree, please contact Student Financial Services.

Registration Limits for RAs and TAs

Full-time TAs and RAs may only register for two 12-unit classes each term plus thesis (6.THM) and RA (6.991)or TA credit (6.98a) without exception.  Students should only have six subjects left to complete upon becoming graduate students.

Summer RAships

Students who hold an RA assistantship are expected to work full-time during the summer; they may only register for 6.991 and 6.THM credit.  I

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