Masterworks 2014


Announcing the annual EECS Masterworks Symposium!

Tuesday, April 22
Charles Vest Student Street,
first floor of the Stata Center*
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Masterworks is the Department's annual presentation and celebration of thesis research leading to the degrees of Master of Science (SM) and Master of Engineering (MEng). This year's Masterworks will be by poster presentation. EECS faculty members will evaluate the posters and presentations to determine the awardee for the 2014 Morris Joseph Levin Award for Outstanding Masterworks Thesis Presentation. In addition several other prizes will be drawn among the participants.

Refreshments will also be served during the event. 

*DIRECTIONS: Signage for the 2014 Masterworks event (with the logo) will indicate the location within the Charles Vest Student Street from room 32-124 and along the 32-141, 32-144, through 32-155.

IMPORTANT DATES for student presenters:

Prof. Tomas Palacios and Prof. Seth Teller
Masterworks Co-Chairs

Scenes from Masterworks 2013