EECS graduate student Sumaiya Nazeen named 2016 Ludwig Center Fellow



Sumaiya Nazeen has been named a 2016 Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology Graduate Fellow.   Nazeen is recognized for her research and as an outstanding MIT Graduate Student working on Cancer with a focus on metastasis.

Sumaiya's research interest lies in explanatory modeling of massive biological data to understand the etiology of complex human diseases. She aims at building integrative models that can combine data from different molecular levels to infer meaningful biological insights into a disease. Currently, she is working on building computational models for integrating genomic, protemic, functional, and structural variation data in a pan cancer setting. Her goal is to better understand the process of cancer metastasis using tissue specific information at different molecular levels. Previously, Sumaiya had also been awarded the International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellowship. She completed her bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and her masters in computer science at MIT. Apart for academics, she has successfully served as a co-president for the Graduate Women's group in EECS (GW6) at MIT in 2015.

Sumaiya would like to thank her PhD advisor Prof. Bonnie Berger for her continuous support and guidance. She would also like to express her gratitude to her labmates and collaborators.