6.S198 Making Mobile Apps


Units: 2-3-7
Prerequisite: 6.005 or experience with Java
Instructor:  Prof. Hal Abelson
Schedule: MW2-4, room 36-112
This subject counts as a department laboratory subject.
The goal of this subject is to provide a foundation in mobile app creation.   In the first part of the course, you’ll use MIT App Inventor, a development platform makes it easy to build apps with a “program blocks” drag-and-drop interface.  You’ll start the semester by immediately creating projects based on your own original apps. Class discussions will focus on what kinds of apps are worth making and how to create projects that have social and economic value.   Once you’ve gotten experience building apps, you’ll switch to full-scale app development with Android Studio, Java and the Android SDK, starting with the Udacity online video course Developing Android Apps.   With this behind you, you’ll have the tools to create rapid prototypes, assess their potential value, and flesh out these prototypes to create apps of professional quality.
This course covers Android development only.  Students who do not have Android devices can work with Android emulators.
Enrollment is limited and by permission of instructor only.  To apply for permission to enroll in 6.S198 for the spring, you fill out
Applications are due December 20, 2015.