6.S194 Open Source Software Project


Units: 2-5-5
Prerequisites: 6.005, 6.006, preference given to 6.170 and 6.172 alums
Instructor: Professor Saman Amarasinghe (saman@csail.mit.edu)
Schedule:  TR2:30-4, room  26-168
Enrollment limited to 30 students
This subject counts as a department lab.
An experiential course in real-world, large-scale software
development. Students will be placed on small, global teams (in
collaboration with other top-tier universities) and embedded in
prominent open source projects participating with us. Each team will
take charge of a new feature for the project and will be graded on
their contribution. Students will learn aspects of software
development as experienced in industry: contributing to large projects
that span many years and developers and have real customers and
dependencies to support.  Class time will be spent primarily on
Agile-style development meetings and reflection on the software
development process.