6.S062 Mobile and Sensor Computing


Undergraduate - AUS
Prerequisites: 6.005, or equivalent, 6.033 or 6.02
Units:  3-0-9
Instructors:  Profs. Sam Madden and Hari Balakrishnan
Schedule: MW11-12:30, room 34-303
The ubiquity of sensor-equipped smartphones, combined with the widespread availability of low-power wireless communication and sensing modules, has led to a renewed interest in sensor computing, aka the “Internet of Things” (IoT). 6.S062 is an advanced undergraduate course designed to study the fundamental sensing, computing, and communication software technologies at the core of the recent flurry of activity on IoT. This course will involve a significant programming and software development component, with weekly programming exercises and a team-based term project.  In addition to exposure to fundamental technologies, students will learn how to design and implement (1) libraries and applications on mobile devices that interact with external sensors and use cloud servers for computation and storage, an (2) software on an embedded sensor platform