6.S062 Find Your Path Through EECS


Undergraduate: seminar for second semester freshman
Units: 2-0-4
Prerequisites: none
Instructors:  Profs. Gerry Sussman (gjs@mit.edu) and Saman Amarasinghe (saman@csail.mit.edu)
Schedule: W1-3, room 34-303
This class is aimed at students who think that they know the early material of EECS, and would like to find a path to get to more advanced material quickly. In this class we will help you design an EECS curriculum tailored to your level and interests. This is not an advanced placement mechanism: we will help you create a full EECS experience that fits you.
We will discuss the curricular goals of the EECS degree and how the standard required and elective classes achieve those goals. This will require a surface overview of the coverage of each significant class in the curriculum.
Each student in our seminar, with the help of the faculty, will formulate a personal curricular plan for succeeding in the EECS program and earning a degree. The students will identify alternative methods to demonstrate mastery of some material, and more advanced work will be planned to replace the material already mastered. The academic advisor and EECS Curriculum Committee must approve the personal curricular plan. If the plan is accepted the students will be able to pursue the plan to satisfy the degree requirements for EECS.