6.S076 Secrets of Innovation: How to Design Anything


Units: 2-0-4
Pre-reqs: none
Schedule: M3-5, Room 32-141
Meets with ESD.051/6.902
Instructors: J. Schindall, B. Kotelly
Remarkably successful companies, like Apple, Virgin, Toyota and others, conceive of radically innovative solutions because of their culture of design thinking.  
This project-based interactive class is aimed at freshmen considering an engineering major.  In it, you will learn to conceive, implement, and evaluate successful projects. Using a 10-step design process, and a 3-step vision-creation and communication process, you’ll learn how to create materials that align technical and non technical audiences, understand the vital importance of the psychology behind how people interact with technology, and how to assess the effectiveness of your solutions. You will experience the design process first-hand, expand your thinking,  and help you and your teams create more powerful solutions.
Limited to 40.  Limited to Freshman or first year students with Sophomore standing