6.S02 Intro to EECS II from a Medical Technology Perspective


Prereq: Calculus II (GIR), Physics II (GIR)
Units: 4-4-4
1/2 Institute Lab
Credit cannot also be received for 6.02
Instructors: C.M. Stultz, E. Adalsteinsson, J. Voldman, J. Guttag
Students will learn fundamental concepts in information extraction and representation using biomedical signals generated from electrocardiograms (ECGs), glucose detectors, and magnetic resonance imagers. Topics include physical characterization and modeling of systems in the time and frequency domains; analog and digital signals and noise; basic machine learning including decision trees, clustering, and classification; and introductory machine vision.  6 Engineering Design Points.
A self-study three unit course on computer networks will be available for students interested in better preparation for 6.033.  Subject number will be determined at a later date.