Subject UPDATES ST 2013


Check the subject updates for ST 2013 by clicking on the appropriate subject card on this page. These comprise the known changes for subject offerings by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For further information about any subject contact the instructor directly.

For further schedule information, including classes, instructors, room reservations, etc. or for information regarding the MIT Bulletin (catalogue), contact Lisa Bella, Room 38-475, 3-4611, isabell (at) mit (dot) edu.

6.S080 Mechanical Invention through Computation
Undergraduate; Prerequisites: 6.046 or 6.034 or 6.033; or permission of instructor Units: 3-0-9; AUS subject; Instructors: Erik Demaine, Chuck Hoberman, Daniela Rus; Schedule: M2-5, room 56-167:
6.S194 Open Source Software Project Lab
Undergraduate; Units: 2-5-5; Prereqs: 6.005, 6.006, preference given to 6.170 alums; Instructor permission required. Instructors: Prof. David Karger,, Ted Benson,; Schedule: MW3-4:30, room 24-121 Enrollment Limited to 20 students. Enrollment filled at this time.
6.838 Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics: Computational Fabrication
Graduate H-Level; Units 3-0-9; Prereq: 6.837; Instructor: Professor Wojciech Matusik,; Schedule: TR2.30-4, room 34-301
6.S076 Secrets of Innovation: How to Design Anything
Undergraduate; Units: 2-0-4; Pre-reqs: none; Schedule: M3-5, Room 32-141; Instructors: J. Schindall, B. Kotell; Enrollment limited
6.S077 Semiconductor Devices Physics
Undergraduate; Pre-reqs: 6.012; Units: 4-1-7; Schedule: TR11-12:30, room 24-402; Recitation TBD; Instructor: Prof. Tomas Palacios AUS Subject
6.S02 Intro to EECS II from a Medical Technology Perspective
Undergraduate; 1/2 Institute Lab; May be taken to satisfy the EECS 6.02 requirement; Prereq: 8.02, Some programming experience (e.g. 6.00, 6.01, IAP Python); Units: 4-4-4; Schedule: MW2, room 34-101; Labs: R9:30-12:30 or R2-5, F9:30-12:30 or F2-5, room 38-501 Instructors: C. M. Stultz, E. Adalsteinson, J. Voldman, J. Guttag
6.S063 Building Mobile Applications for Education
Undergraduate; Prereqs: 6.004; Units: 1-3-8; Enrollment Limited. Permission of instructor required; AUS Subject; Schedule: W11-12, room 34-301, Labs R2-5, room 1-132; Instructor: Prof. Hal Abelson,; To request enrollment, see
6.S064 Introduction to Machine Learning
Undergraduate; Units 4-0-8; Prereq: 6.01; Schedule: TR9:30-11, room E25-111; May be used either as a Substitute for 6.034 OR an Advanced Undergraduate Subject; Instructors: Professors T. Jaakkola, R. Barzilay and L. Kaelbling
6.S083/6.S084 Public Speaking Practicum
Undergraduate Units: 3-0-0 Schedule: L W7-10, room 32-044 Staff: Dr. Tony Eng, -Preference is given to freshman
6.S078 Entrepreneurship Project
Undergraduate; Units Arranged;Schedule: R3, room 32-155; Instructor: Prof. David Gifford,;
6.S079 Nanomaker
Undergraduate; Units: 1-3-5; Schedule: L T4, room 56-180, Labs R2-5, room 38-600; Prof. Vladimir Bulovic
6.S193 Biological Circuit Engineering Laboratory (BioCel)
Undergraduate; Units: 2-8-2; Schedule: M12-1:30, W12 room 68-121; Instructors: Prof. Timothy Lu,
6.893 Sub-linear Algorithms
Graduate H-Level; Prereq: 6.046, or permission of instructor; Units: 3-0-9; Schedule: L MW1-2:30, room 24-121; Instructors: Profs. Indyk and Rubinfeld
6.888 Parallel Heterogeneous Computer Architecture
Prereq: 6.004 or consent of the instructor Recommended: 6.033, 6.172, 6.823 Grad-H level Units: 4-0-8 Lecture: MW1-2:30, room 1-135 Instructors: Profs. Daniel Sanchez,, Joel Emer,
6.903J Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
Undergraduate; Same subject as 15.628J; Prereq: None; Units: 3-0-6; Schedule: MW3-4:30, room 56-154; Instructors: J. A. Meldman, S. M. Bauer