6.S911 Software Construction in Typescript: Course Development


Undergraduate Level
Units: 5-0-10
Prerequisites: 6.009 and prior Java programming experience
Instructors:  Prof. Rob Miller (rcm@mit.edu), Max Goldman (maxg@mit.edu)
Schedule: MWF11-12:30 +final exam at same time as 6.031
Enrollment limited to 40
This course substitutes for 6.031 in EECS degree requirements and EECS course prerequisites.
This special subject, taught in tandem with 6.031, uses Typescript as the language of the course, where 6.031 is taught with Java.  Typescript is a statically-typed version of Javascript, which is widely used for web programming.
This "6.031 Typescript" pilot course will share the same course topics as the 6.031 Java course, and move at the same pace with similar problem sets, quizzes, and group project. The essential difference will be the programming language used.  See the course description for 6.031 for the concepts covered by both 6.031 Typescript and 6.031 Java:
Like 6.031, this course has required class meetings, including nanoquizzes and small-group exercises, at the scheduled MWF 11am-12:30 time.  The two courses will generally meet in separate online spaces, but will sometimes meet together when the topic is language-independent.  There will be an accommodation for students living in distant incompatible time zones.
More information on how this subject will be taught can be found at: https://eecs.scripts.mit.edu/eduportal/__How_Courses_Will_Be_Taught_Online_or_Oncampus__/S/2021/#6.031